Become Your Self-Care Advocate

Sabrina Bolin is a Soul Alignment Coach and Hypnotherapist who helps women struggling with anxiety because they are feeling disconnected from taking action on what they really want in their lives. Through meditation and hypnosis, she helps them shift their energy to build self-confidence to navigate through obstacles and create their calm amid chaos. Sign up for her free Chaos to Calm Mini-Course at or follow her on Instagram @thesabrinabolin for quick meditations and intuitive insights.

The Initial Diagnosis 

Acknowledging Grief & Coping

Diane S. Smith, MPH, MA, MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist who understands through personal experience the complex emotions many caregivers often feel when receiving an initial diagnosis of a child with special needs. Join Mitzy Pardo, B.C.B.A and Diane Smith MFT as they discuss questions often raised regarding grief, coping, and support through the initial stages. For more information, contact Diane at Additional supports referenced in this webinar include the regional center ( and The Family Focus Resource Center in Northridge.

Moving Forward with Intention

Creating Balance In Your Life

Join Diane Smith, MPH, MA, MFT, and Maritza (Mitzy) Pardo, M.A., BCBA as they discuss creating a balanced life through moments of intention rather than New Year's resolutions. While there is nothing wrong with resolutions or goal setting, personal growth is a lifelong process. Particularly for parents of special needs children seeking moments, activities, and people that can help rejuvenate is of primary importance. To learn more you can listen to the discussion and/or contact Diane at