Our Mission

Shades of Motherhood, Inc. is dedicated to providing emotional support, resources, and activities that may enhance the wellbeing of mothers with loved ones on the autism spectrum. We understand the role of a mother of a child with special needs may be twice as hard, given the additional responsibilities of advocating for the needs of loved ones, managing a household, and possible therapies, all while trying to maintain a sense of wellbeing. While mothers differ in their approach to caregiving, having a sense of connectedness with those who may be experiencing similar struggles may relieve stress and offer encouragement. Additional supports include group activities organized to promote emotional and physical health and volunteer opportunities to promote inclusiveness in the community.

"Parents of children with special needs create their own world of happiness and believe in things that others cannot yet see"



We offer support groups via remote from the comfort of your home. Our leaders consist of counselors and other professionals with related experience. If you are interested in joining a group, email us at admin@shadesofmotherhoodinc.com

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Meet The Team

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Maritza (Mitzy) Pardo is a Latin American Board Certified Behavior Analyst, clinical assessor, and writer, passionate about supporting the caregivers of special needs children.

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VP &

Shanna Zunder is a behaviorist and mother of two who continues to support families in the special needs community.

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Chief Financial Officer

Lourdes Velasco is an ABA therapist and mother of two, passionate about providing inclusive opportunities for students with special needs.

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Chief Editor

Emily Frlekin-Pardo is a writer, editor, and human rights advocate with fifteen years’ experience in non-profits both domestically and internationally. She received her Bachelors in English Literature and Minor in Global Poverty and Developing Economics from UC Berkeley. A mother dedicated to raising her half-Latino children to embrace diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Also, as a mother, she has become a vocal mental & physical health advocate for women, like herself, faced with challenging child-rearing obstacles and coping with PPD.

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