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"Say Hello" To These Moms

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

SAY HELLO THREADS is a company in Richmond, Virginia that was created by two mothers of children with special needs (developmental and intellectual disabilities). While most people perceive the term “special needs” to be limited to physical disabilities, it also includes the need for emotional support, love and placement often found in those in the foster care system. These mothers have taken on the challenges of a busy schedule that involves multiple therapies for their children, while trying to maintain balance in the other areas of their lives. By creating t-shirts with thought-provoking messages (e.g., “Instead of Don’t Stare, Let’s Start Teaching to Say Hello”), they have created a platform for conversations that break through stereotypes. They are truly advocates for those whose voices often get overlooked by their diagnoses or circumstances. You can show your support for these women and their cause by following them on Instagram and purchasing their fabulous t-shirts

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