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Oils with Calming Effects: Lavender

Essential oils have long been a topic for debate in terms of natural remedies. And while research continues to explore these plant substances, lavender oil has now been approved and recognized as a medicinal substance for treating anxiety.

Many of us are familiar with lavender as an oil used for massages, but we can benefit from its calming properties in multiple aspects of our daily routines. Below are some of the ways you can enjoy the many uses of lavender.


Lavender essential oil is a great addition to bath time. A few drops mixed with Epsom salt can create a wonderful calming bath at the end of your day!

You can also make a soothing pillow spray with 15 drops of lavender in a 4 oz spray bottle with purified water and a splash of witch hazel. This is such a great way to calm your body down before bed to get the rest it needs!

Lavender supports a good night’s sleep. You can freshen the air and diffuse lavender oil at night for a calming mist and relaxing aroma while you sleep. It has been known to be used for respiratory infections and insomnia as well.


Lavender gets its name from the Latin word lavare (“to wash”). As a mother of three, I do a lot of laundry! Dryer sheets are rather toxic, so I recently switched to wool dryer balls. I like to put a few drops of lavender on a wool dryer ball and then toss it in with my laundry. This not only makes our clothes and sheets smell fresh and clean, but my toddler no longer has a skin rash! I absolutely love this simple life change.

Improve the mind...

Lavender was shown to have positive effects on the nervous system in a study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2013. The study suggested improvements in concentration and mental acuity from the use of aromatherapy with rosemary and lemon in the morning and lavender and orange in the evening. In this day and age, we can all benefit from cognitive support, especially as parents who have to juggle play dates, meetings, and appointments.

Nourish skin and hair...

Lavender is great for burns, helps to promote tissue regeneration, and helps to heal wounds.

During the winter months, my son’s skin can get red, dry, and easily irritated. I treat this with a natural moisturizer I create by mixing a drop of lavender essential oil with coconut oil.

Lavender may reduce the appearance of blemishes and enhance the appearance of a youthful complexion.

Lavender can even support hair growth!

To learn more about the amazing benefits of lavender and so many other wonderful natural oils, you can follow my Instagram posts at amyz_angle.

May you find peaceful practices that work for you throughout your day to create more calm in your life.

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