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Amy's Angle: Turning the Corner with Natural Products

Many people have become interested in natural cleaning products that have a less negative impact on the environment and our health. Amy Trezise Colon found the health angle to be particularly applicable to her family, as her son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. As cited by the CDC (Center of Disease Control), people with disabilities often are at greater risk for health problems, particularly those who frequently insert non-food items into their mouth. Even now as the pandemic continues it’s never been more vital that substances with potentially harmful chemicals are carefully monitored or removed, especially those in household cleaning products. Amy’s interest in the use of natural products began with her family but has now become her business. Everyday cleaning products, skin care and hair products, laundry detergent and dish soap have all been changed out from toxic chemicals to all natural products. You can connect with Amy on Instagram to purchase safe cleaning products while supporting the small business of a special needs mother. You can also create your own products to effectively clean in an environmentally friendly manner that poses fewer health risks to you and your family.

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